Food products

Olive oil, pasta, rice, beers, preserves, distillates, wines, sparkling wines, seasonings, peeled tomatoes, snacks, balsamic vinegar, tropical fruit pulp and açaí cream, etc.

Non-food products

Accessories for women and men, accessories for garden, furniture, pet products, bar utensils, household objects such as table accessories, decoration, bathroom objects, etc.



Per Mare collaborators group has an extensive experience in foreign trade by offering companies wishing to export and import services of excellence, quality and reliability to be always trying to satisfy our customers' needs.

Hiring Per Mare services, the importer/exporter will have greater flexibility for his company, focusing her time on other important activities of the business by reducing costs and increasing their income.

Now you can count on all the processes of Commerce integrated into a single structure.

With its ethical trajectory and successful experience, Per Mare acts with some requirements:

- Reduced costs and improved visibility;
- Increase the quality of services;
- Transparency in setting priorities;
- Centralization of foreign trade operations;
- Monitoring clear and objective of the chronogram.


- Consulting in Foreign Trade;
- Market research for export and import;
- Analysis and adequacy of pricing and logistics;
- Outsourcing of the Export/Import Department;
- Logistics cost analysis;
- Link between the company and other providers: customs brokers, logistics professionals, insurance agents;
- Representation of international companies in Mercosur and European Community;
- Comercial agent.

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